Changing industry landscape for Polar Guard

Polar Guard has weathered a number of storms, both in business and in Mother Nature. Just having the chance to reflect a bit on the past couple quarters has been a really healthy thing for us as we plan to finish the year out strong. A few nuggets that came to mind during the reflection are as follows.

There are so many factors that contribute in life of an organization; various departments, employees and market forces construct the back bone of business, especially for Polar Guard. To drive business in a powerful manner it is important to control all factors efficiently so that they can exert force on profit making. To sell products from the business to the end customer directly is an easy task because just an attractive marketing strategy will work for you but when we talk about business to business products and services the first most importance is given to relations. For example, if you want to serve customers who have a need to remove carpet stains in their homes, you might go ahead and setup a company and market to those end users directly, in other words you would be in the business-to-consumer (B2C) space. But if you wanted to sell products or service to that carpet cleaner, for example, if you had some type of marketing company that would help the carpet cleaner acquire new customers, you would be playing in the business-to-business (B2B) space which requires a completely different mindset, skill level, and approach.┬áIf you are able to build healthy relation with suppliers as well as clients from other businesses; your profits will naturally follow the path of growth. Just remember, know who you serve and who serves you, but also look beyond your scope and understand who your customer’s customer is as well as who your supplier’s supplier is — it will serve you well.

When you are searching for suppliers for your business it is important to ensure quality services because it will ultimately affect performance of your business. You must make huge search for services offered by different suppliers and compare their quality as well as price; make decisions as per need of your business. There is no compromise for quality if you really want to serve in this business for years. Some factors that affect your selection of supplier for products and services are:

  • Observe how reliable their services are; on time delivery and quality of products will be serving as major factors.
  • Suppliers must be flexible in their deliveries so that in peak business hours if you ask them for big lot of products they respond in timely manner.
  • An ideal supplier follows good communication while dealing with order processing and offers best solutions to all queries.
  • If you are dealing with a supplier from long term you can also think of discounts; it will have huge impact on your cash flow.

On the other side when you act like a supplier of products and services to your client there are again huge responsibilities that must be kept under consideration to have better results with long term relationship. Clients always love to work with those suppliers that support and appreciate their business activities. To work for longer time and earn more profit you must always prefer to serve quality products as well as services. Try to build a healthy relationship with your clients and make sure that you are a good communicator; strengthfull bond is formed with though sharing. Be responsive towards all needs and requirements of clients so that you can serve them on time.

To deal with products and services in business to business management, it is important to use quality marketing strategies and effective promotional methods. Try to promote offerings of your business in such a way that it drives maximum attention from business world. Business to business selling of products and services can be improved by following techniques:

  • It is good to do lot of research on market needs and stay well prepared to serve them.
  • Develop a clear vision about deliveries of orders and try to fulfil all promises on time to nourish trust of clients.
  • Focus on strong relationship building.
  • It is good to be an industry expert so that clients will love to explore your services.
  • Keep track of supplies and also focus on competitors in market.