Guard yourself as the weather cools

The summer heat is dying down a bit, at least in some parts of the country. As you plan for the cooler weather and buy clothes that are more suited for colder weather, just be sure to think about what you’ll need when it is bitter cold in just a few months from now.

It is often easy to think about the warmth and comfort of today, and forget how much polar protection you’ll need. Don’t do that to yourself. Really shop around, and ask for help and advice from the employees who work in the stores where you purchase your polar gear.

As far as travel plans, map out your winter vacation and be sure you know what type of weather is typically expected in the region you’ll be visiting. Many of our readers like to go skiing with their families during the winter, and it is not just as easy as hopping on a plane with a suitcase. Frostbite and hypothermia are real threats, especially if you are traveling with little ones.

So again, just a quick reminder to think through your future plans, get your gear that is needed, and then have fun while you’re fully protected!