Ice In The Past, Sun Coming Fast

Who is ready for some sun?! If you are feeling anything like us, you are just itching to get out of those cold weather clothes and into some spring and summer gear. For most of the southern climates in the USA, we have finally emerged from what seemed to be an endless winter.

Get prepared to take a plunge into peaceful spring time weather and enjoy every moment of Mother Nature’s new season. But be forewarned, if you are planning to spend time in cold weather environments, such as surfing off the coast, or taking a trip up to some of the northern states, be sure to wear your polar gear as appropriate.

Funny story about one of our friends who lives in Texas, but often visits family up in Michigan:

  • We’ll call him “Josh” to protect the innocent, actual name to remain secret for now, unless he (or she) wants to post and admit to this one
  • So Josh took a trip up to Michigan in March back in 2007 when his brother and sister-in-law first moved up there
  • Josh lives in Houston, TX and he had been in Galveston the day before his trip — actually at the beach walking his dog and enjoying the sun and sand
  • He was so spoiled by the warmth, when he packed he decided he really wasn’t going to be outside too much when he was with family up north, so he just took a light fleece, long pants, and hit the road for the airport
  • When he arrived, his brother picked him up from the airport and they drove right to dinner
  • The only availability for a table at the restaurant they wanted to eat at was either a 45 minute wait or a table outside on the patio, which they had just opened because it was warm enough the weekend prior
  • Well, not the day Josh visited
  • He and his brother opted not to wait, and Josh sat through dinner with his arms tucked into his fleece and wrapped underneath his thighs because he just wasn’t dressed properly
  • His brother, on the other had, was fully prepared for the weather and was wearing a winter coat and light gloves (remember that scene from Dumb and Dumber with the extra gloves?…yeah, it was like a replay of that)
  • Needless to say, Josh survived, but he always packs for the potential cold when he goes up to Michigan that early in the year

For all of you dare devils who are excited about the warm weather coming, we are too — just please pack some polar gear that will guard you from the chill and possibility of frost bite when you travel climates that aren’t quite as warm as Texas.

Until next time, this is Polar Guard with another tip for all of our readers.

Have a great rest of the week!