Traveling to Texas to Thaw Out

Hello all you Polar climate connoisseurs!

In today’s blog post, we are going to provide some new insights on how to properly thaw out from your polar climate. Just last month, we traveled down to Texas to get out of the cold and into the heat. During our stay, we visited the beautiful Gulf Coast and did some sightseeing in a little gem called Galveston. Galveston is a city of only about 50,000 people, but it is very close to Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States.

So how did we thaw out?

thawing out image

Well, it’s not very hard to warm up once you’re in the state of Texas. But we did have an extra special opportunity to spend some time in lounging in the back of a luxurious limo as we drank in all the breathtaking sights from the Moody Gardens to an old oil rig museum and, of course, the coolest shopping spot in the state — a little place called The Strand.

If you have the chance to rent a limo, or even a party bus if you have enough people traveling with you, we highly recommend it. It is so much better than getting a rental car because you get to spend every moment enjoying the trip instead of being your own taxi driver.

During our limo ride, we did some extra thawing by sipping on some sweet apple cider that was hot and steamy. There are tons of great little stores to visit throughout Galveston, and one of them had a great deal on apple cider so we just couldn’t resist.

So what did we learn during our Texas travel experience?

  1. Thawing out – It is easy to do if you just get out of the cold weather and into a seat that’s leather — in the back of a limo, that is.
  2. Sipping some cider – It’s the sweetest way to enjoy an apple a day.
  3. Shop the Strand – Take your family and friends shopping in Galveston, Texas to find the coolest little catch.
  4. Get away from the glaciers – Most importantly, if you want to thaw out, leave the land of the igloo and go to a place like Galveston!

We hope you’ll continue to follow our progress here at Polar Guard, where we look out for our friends in the frozen tundra.